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lowellLowell is located 18 miles east of downtown Grand Rapids, and is a beautiful river side historic town buzzing with new opportunities for business and recreation.

The sense of community pride in this quaint little town is very strong, and their school system boasts one of the areas newest and most advanced facilities. Lowell is known for their fiercely competitive high school and middle school sports programs, and has competed for several state championships in the past few years.

There are two rivers that flow near Lowell; the Grand River passes through south of town and the Flat River runs right through the middle of the downtown providing the locals with all kinds of the angling action. There are also several large and beautiful parks located in and around the Lowell area. These parks provide excellent sport venues, fishing, picnic opportunities and fun family swimming.

Every August, the Lowell Fairgrounds plays host to The Kent County Youth Fair. Limited by fairground acreage, this small town fair continues to emulate the close community feeling that only the Lowell area can produce.

The latest addition to the Lowell area is the New Englehardt Public Library which is a beautiful new 8800 square foot facility that is part of The Kent District Library System.

Whether looking for a new town of opportunity, or an escape from the daily grind of the big city(Grand Rapids), Lowell is a place of peace and quiet, strong community, and endless discovery and a great place to live and raise a family.

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