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Grand Rapids.


Grand Rapids is located 30 miles east of Lake Michigan and is the second largest city in the state. Throughout ancient history this little section of river valley has been a very popular area for humans to live and thrive. This tradition has continued in modern days, as the city was founded originally as a fur trading post in the early 1800´s, then was known as the “Furniture Capitol of the World” throughout much of the 1900´s, and today is known as the “Office Furniture Capitol of the World”. With thriving industry, a revamped downtown entertainment sector and the charm of the Heritage Hill Historic District; Grand Rapids has the perfect amount of “big city” wrapped up in a small city atmosphere.

The consistent flourishing economy of the Grand Rapids area has allowed for the construction and meticulous upkeep of the Heritage Hill Historic District; one of the country´s largest urban historic districts. Consisting of around 1,300 homes of many different architectural styles, Heritage Hill is a wonderfully diverse neighborhood to call home. Along with these beautiful homes, the industry of Grand Rapids also left the downtown area with many historic warehouses and factory buildings. These brick giants are now catching the eyes of many downtown developers, and are quickly being turned into modern city apartments and condos.

The downtown entertainment area has been overhauled over the past fifteen years, and now is widely known as a great place to come for good food and a taste of “big city” nightlife. With the addition of the Van Andel arena, Grand Rapids has become a mandatory stop for many of the large music and entertainment tours traveling throughout the nation. Also, with the recent remodeling of the DeVos center, many more conventions are coming to town. This is fueling downtown business with more money and the freedom to make improvements.

The Grand River, one of Michigan´s largest waterways, runs right through the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. In addition to the river´s scenic view and many beautiful bridges, it also provides anglers with excellent fishing throughout much of the year. As a major tributary to Lake Michigan, the Grand River gets large amounts of spawning Salmon and Steelhead making their way up stream. There is a fish ladder downtown where you can stand and watch the fish jump their way up to the next level of water.

Grand Rapids is also gaining quite a reputation for it´s excellence in the health care. Since 2003, the Van Andel Institute has been a nation wide leader in cancer research and continues to make headlines with breakthrough discoveries. Spectrum Health has remodeled and has built new facilities over the last ten years, and now has 7 hospitals and 140 service sites in the Grand Rapids area. With several new hospital facilities, research institutions, and specialty health care complexes, Grand Rapids has been chosen by Michigan State University as the location for their new medical education and research center.

Grand Rapids is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. With it´s well kept streets, booming downtown businesses, and unique river town charm, Grand Rapids has a very promising future as a hip new town for current and future residents. There is a wide range of living possibilities downtown, run a search under property listings on this website to see what is available.

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