ArtPrize 2014! My top 3 "New Experiences" of Artprize here in GR.

ArtPrize 2014! My top 3 “New Experiences” of Artprize here in GRartprize 2014

I’ve been coming to ArtPrize since it’s beginning and have loved every year.  Each year something new is added and these are my top 3 picks for 2014 in the “New” category.

1.-  Walking Trails –  What a great idea.  Set walking trails with info on the Art available on the way.  I know I will be using this feature – let me know which trail is your favorite.

2.  – A Nerd Walk (?) – Come out and kick off the opening of ArtPrize with the Grand Valley Marching Band (and some Nerds, too) at Rosa Parks Circle on Sept 24 at 6:30.

3.  –  Jurried Awards – In the past years only the public had the power to award $200,000 to the winner of ArtPrize.  This year – real live art critics will also join in the fun and have the ability to award $200,000 to their pick.   It will be interesting to see how many of the top winners in each category are the same.  What is your guess on how many of the top 5 will be in both groups?