4th of July Fireworks and Festivities – 2014 – Pay Attention to the Dates – they aren't all on the 4th!

fireworks 20144th of July Fireworks and Festivities – 2014

While there are plenty of Fireworks displays happening this 4th of July season – some are early, some are on the 4th and some are on the 5th – and others are on random nights – so, here is an easy chart on Fireworks 2014 for the Kent County area in Michigan.

June 28 – Caledonia Fireworks at Dusk –  Click here for more information on the festivities and the fireworks.

July 1 – Wyoming Fireworks at Dusk – Click here for updated information

July 3 – Green Lake – Leighton Township Fireworks –  Click here for directions

July 4th –  Ada/Cascade Fireworks    Dusk in Downtown Ada – Click here for Cascade Township Festivities Flyer

July 4th –   East Grand Rapids Fireworks    John Collins Park on Reeds Lake  –  Click here for updates.

July 4th –  Kentwood Fireworks    Kentwood City Center    – Click here for more info.

July 4th –  Grandville Fireworks    Middle School   – Click here for festivities

July 4th –  Sand Lake       Click here for all the information

July 5th – Grand Rapids   Click here for festivity updates

Enjoy your holiday season –   email me with your area’s fireworks and I’ll update the list!