Grand Rapids is in the "National NEWS"

It’s no fluke of luck – Grand Rapids is consistently and constantly making National Headlines – and in a good way!  The latest newsworthy headlines are:

1.  AARP’s 2013 Cities to Retire for Less.

Check out this Link and see the story about Grand Rapids and why it’s a great spot to retire.  In conjunction with GR being a great place to retire – check out Baby Boomer Certified housing on our website right here.  We have been scouting out some good buys for retirees and are happy to help those thinking of moving to GR to retire.

I really do think we have so much here that Seniors can do – most of it free!  With ArtPrize – our beautiful parks – Celebration on the Grand – Festival of the Arts and so much more – it’s no wonder we were chosen in this category.


…then we go for the younger crowd being named:

2.  Forbes names Grand Rapids #1 Place in USA for raising a family!

Of course, we knew this, but it’s always nice to have our beliefs validated – especially by Forbes.  Here is the link to the article and the important factors used in judging that category.  We are so blessed here in GR with wonderful schools (public and private), parks, affordable entertainment, sporting events, green spaces, churches, and all the activities to make this a fabulous spot to raise a family.  Our hospitals are award winning too – so think about Grand Rapids when thinking of raising your family.

3.  Beer City USA  2013

Check out this link and find out all about the craft brews and why GR got the nod.  Last year it was a shared Title – but this year we stand alone as THE one and only Beer City USA.  Loads of new breweries are cropping up all over town and in the small cities surrounding Grand Rapids.  In addition to the beer – the food is great too!

Let us know your favorite local brewery…and if we can shed any light on real estate in relationship to retirement, raising your family or being within walking distance of some of these cool brewpubs – give us a shout!