ArtPrize 2013 – It's a Winner for Grand Rapids


It’s Year #5 for ArtPrize – So…Ready…Set…GO!  It’s time to plan your attack on the ArtPrize venues to optimize your ArtPrize experience in Grand Rapids.  Here are some cool and helpful links available for the September 18 – October 6, 2013 ArtPrize Extravaganza.

Plan Your Visit

With over 1,400 pieces of Art…in over 400 venues in a three mile Grand Rapids downtown area – it is almost impossible to see everything.  Trust me – I have been coming to ArtPrize since the very beginning and have yet to see even half of the art available each year – so planning is essential.

Check out the Art

This link brings you photos of the Art itself – you can search by artists name, by the name of the art or do a random search.  This is a great overview, but a little 2″x 2″ photo does not do a 6′ or 10′ tall sculpture or painting justice.

Events both before and during ArtPrize

So – you don’t have to be “just” a spectator at the ArtPrize Events – you can learn…participate in the art…meet the artists…keep the discourse and discussion about art rolling in Grand Rapids.  This link is a good one to check out early before ArtPrize officially opens since there are a lot Pre-ArtPrize events to attend – most of them totally Free!!


We all know Grand Rapids is full of giving and involved folks – here is a perfect way to prove it to the world – VOLUNTEER!!  Participate in our Great City…meet new friends and cultivate old friends by volunteering together.  There are over 4,000 volunteer hours to fill – it’s not too late to do your part.