Home Videos – 3 ways our Videos stand above the crowd

Video Image We are really excited to showcase a new way of viewing homes in the Grand Rapids marketplace.   Check out our new videos by clicking on the “Videos” tab above or click PatsPlace Grand Rapids Real Estate Videos to see them.

1. Unique Personal introduction

Often times, the only thing you know about a listing agent is their old high school photo on their business card or website.  Clients have been telling us for years – It would really be nice
to meet and get to know you today.  Since we started these videos with a personal introduction – we have had wonderful responses by those who enjoyed my warm and personal greeting.

2. Voice over slide show to showcase highlights of the home

With much experimentation we have tried many video styles which have not worked.  The “gorilla style” video of grabbing your iPhone and walking through the home while talking about whatever comes into view ends up being difficult to follow.  The 360 degree spinning videos are fine if you like a REALLY fast merry-go-round ride and don’t mind seeing all the rooms distorted.

We settled on the voice-over approach explaining the highlights of the home that are not obvious in the photos.

3.  No YouTube distractions

When we first started using videos – and bringing them along on listing appointments – I always had to make sure there were no small children hovering around before I started the video.  Typically, when clicking on my YouTube channel there were five or more videos enticing someone to take a look – mostly with well-endowed ladies with very little clothing.

We have our videos on their own video channel so you never have to worry about embarrassing content popping up while you show the cool video of your home to your friends or relatives.

Everything we do in our marketing plan is geared to provide a quick successful sale using our Win/Win philosophy. Adding these professional videos to our toolkit (which includes  staging, professional photographs, high end brochures, blogs, etc….) translates into successful sales for our clients.

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