Baby Boomer Certified Homes – Whaaat??

ShireWe’ll rolling out a new Certification which should be both fun and useful.  On any homes we list – we will be making notations on the listings themselves and any advertising that they meet the following standards for Baby Boomer Certification.

1.  Main Floor Master Suite

As the Baby Boomer Generation moves into upper middle age (polite words for getting older) – they will need to make sure they have their bedroom and bathroom on the main floor.  There is a chance there will be an illness or a surgery which will prevent them from climbing stairs to go to sleep at night.  Now, they could sleep on the couch in the living room – but that would not be ideal – so to be certified for the optimal positive experience for Baby Boomers – it must have a main floor master suite.

2.  Garage and Main Entrance on the main level

No Tri-Level homes here!   In addition – the home must have an electronic garage door opener so the baby boomer owner can enter the garage – get out of their car – and have access to the home without going up or down to the main level of the home.

3.  Main Floor Utility/Laundry Room

Of course, the Baby Boomer family is totally into cleanliness and keeping up with their laundry.  All of these certified homes will have the laundry room on the main floor so no one has to fall down the stairs and break their hip while they try to do the laundry.

4.  General Certification Items

–  Certification can be either for  condominiums or single family homes

–  There are many other parameters in making a buying decision for the Baby Boomer – make sure you work closely with your Realtor to discuss neighborhoods, distance from hospitals and doctors, general maintenance, etc.

–  Being Baby Boomer Certified does not preclude those younger or older folks from purchasing these homes and living in them very successfully.

–  We would be happy to get you more information – just give us a call – and guess what??? We are Baby Boomers ourselves!

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