Three Warm Things to do indoors in GR while the snow swirls

GRPMThree Warm things to do indoors in GR while the snow swirls

1.  Visit the Titanic Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

I don’t know about you – but I’m still intrigued by anything Titanic.  It was a by-gone era which seemed very proper and romantic compared to today’s standards, so to see the artifacts and stories behind the Titanic – it’s glory and downfall – will be really cool (in warm surroundings, of course)

Check out all the information for this exhibit which will be  February 9 – July 7, 2013.  Tickets range from $10 – $17 depending on age and membership status.  This might be a good time to become a member and save yourselves entrance fees for the Titanic Exhibit  (plus be ready for some of the other great exhibits coming your way this year).

2.  Unwind on a Friday night at the GR Art Museum  – grab a little wine and some art talk

Come in out of the cold this winter and warm yourself with a glass of wine and some Art discussion – Friday nights are special at the Art Museum.  You’ll learn something, meet folks and enjoy our town.

3.  Check out the Great Lakes Shipwrecks at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

This is closer to home…lots of stories, photos and artifacts from shipwrecks right here on our Great Lakes.  This exhibit will run until November of 2013 – so put your new “member” status to work for you and check this out as well.

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