ArtPrize 2012 – TOP TEN ANNOUNCED!!!

2012 ArtPrize LogoArtPrize 2012…Be There or Be Square   **TOP TEN ANNOUNCED**

Click HERE to see the list of the Top Ten for Artprize 2012.

It’s coming…It’s here…It’s gone…   That’s about how fast ArtPrize will seem if you jump in with both feet and enjoy this wonderful Art Extravaganza  right here in Grand Rapids from September 19 – October 7, 2012.   Check out the schedule of events here.

Highlights for me are:

1.  10 day public voting period (September 19 – 29).

Here is your chance to walk around downtown, take the ArtPrize bus, check out the venues, talk to the artists and get a feel for all the phenominal art all around GR – then take your smart phone and give the art and artists your votes as you take in everything.  I love that you have 10 days to do this – you won’t feel rushed (although it’s really hard even in that amount of time to see everything).  Plan your visit here.

2.  Announcing the Top Ten – September 30, 2012

This announcement in Rosa Parks Circle steps the competition up a notch.  The public has spoken with their voting – (in other words – YOU have spoken with your voting) and the top ten vote getters are the finalists.  Once these are announced you can only vote for one of the Top Ten – and if you have not already seen all of the Top Ten – it’s time to get out and make it a point to see them all!  Grab dinner at one of our great local restaurants and make it an evening with friends and family.  Now it’s down to 5 days to cast your finalist vote!

3.  Grand Prize Winners Announced

This year there are more prize winners than ever – both the Juried and the Populous Prizes will be announced on Friday the 5th of October at 7:30pm (location to be determined).   Check out the difference in the two prize categories.   Lots and Lots of $$$$ to the winners – it’s  the largest Art Prize in the WORLD…and it’s right here in Grand Rapids!

Let me know what your favorite part of ArtPrize is – I’m loving the showcase of Grand Rapids and all it has to offer.

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