Real Estate is Personal!!! Family photos warm the home.

Family photoReal Estate is Personal!!!  Family photos warm the home.

I know  – I know –  All the staging gurus and relocation companies always tell you to remove your personal photos and artifacts and put them away.  They say to “neutralize” your home so there are no objections when someone comes in to see it – I say – NO WAY!

In most transactions someone is buying a HOME – a place where they will live, perhaps raise their families, find comfort, relax and enjoy.  It is not just a “House” –  from walking up to the front door and through the home – falling in love with it is an emotional and personal experience.

I have found over the forty years I have helped buyers –  the buyer’s emotion is often more intense and a sale happens sooner when the buyer connects with the home on a personal level through the photos and personal artifacts.  It’s easier  to picture themselves in the home.

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