One (1) Major Reason to get a 30 year Fixed Rate Mortage (and that’s all you need)

30 Year Cost Comparisons.Croppedjpg

Everyone looking to buy a home in today’s marketplace is struggling with deciding what kind of loan to get. Should they go “really low” and get an adjustable rate mortgage for 5, 7 or 10 years?

… Or should they go with the tried and true 30 (or 20) year fixed rate mortgage??  With today’s record setting low rates I don’t believe there is any doubt a 20 or 30 year fixed rate mortgage makes the most sense for almost everyone in today’s market.

Here is the most important reason why – and almost the only reason why:

1.  Check out this Cost Comparison Chart and become a BELIEVER

Here are the Cost Comparison’s for the major indexes in the United States.  ONLY the monthly fixed rate mortgage ends up having a 0% of change on the Price Index.  We all know our food, gasoline, medical care and tuition have all gone crazy since 1981 – it is only the monthly mortgage payment on a median priced home (which at that time was at 14% – and was not refinanced with any cash out) that did not skyrocket…it didn’t even go up!

Words of advice:

1.  Find a good lender (we’ll send you a list if you like).  With rates as low as they are today you can shop closing costs and rates.

2.  Find a good REALTOR (that would be us) who can lead you through the process.

3.  Rest easy with the knowledge that today’s marketplace offers great value and if you go with a fixed rate loan – future stability

4.  Don’t refinance for cash out during the time of your loan (you probably won’t have to since the rates today are so low.

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