"Home for the Holidays"… Grand Rapids "ToDo's" for the Season

thanks to Suet Emma for photo

thanks to Suet Emma for photo

1.  Watch, Re-Watch, Memorize – It’s a Wonderful Life

Oh My, there are so many similarities between George and his trials and us in today’s world – It’s hard to believe it’s the 65th birthday of this movie – every time I hear a bell ring I think of an angel getting it’s wings – still!

2.  Visit Frederick Meijer Gardens

…and be taken back to childhood among all the beautifully decorated Christmas Trees from all over the world.  It’s a magical land for children of all ages…don’t miss it!

3.  Drive your family through the 5/3 Ballpark and see the Nite Lite Holiday Light Show.

You drive through an area set up just for you filled with thousands of lights – one of the largest displays of lights in the Midwest!!  Hours are 6 – 10pm through January 1.

4.  Spend some time with your family –

a.  Talking:  ask the older ones to tell you stories of their Christmas experiences as they were growing up – get some good conversation going – it will warm your hearts and warm the hearts of those with something to tell (besides you might find out some really interesting things about folks you thought you knew well).

b.  Singing:  those old Christmas Carols (even Jingle Bell Rock) that everyone knows can be a very cohesive bonding time for families when they come together.

c.  Playing:  Hopefully a few feet of snow will fall before Christmas (I know – I know – we probably will just get a flurry or two) and everyone can go sliding, skiing, or just having fun making snow angels.  If no snow – oh well – walks, playgrounds or games in the park get your feet going and your heart racing!

Wishing All of You a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Feliz Navidad