Electric Cheetah Restaurant – Grand Rapids, Michigan – YUMMMMMM

Electric Cheetah Outside2

The Electric Cheetah Restaurant – Grand Rapids Michigan

Every once in a while I like to try the new restaurants in town and offer my opinion along the way.  Guy and I have had lunch several times but finally made it to the Electric Cheetah last week for dinner to celebrate Erin‘s Birthday.

We’re very happy they now have a liquor license – although the root beer on tap was always wonderful (and still is).

The Electric Cheetah is located at 1015 Wealthy Street in an eclectic area of Grand Rapids – lots of new shops in really cool old buildings!

Here are the Top Three Things I love about the Electric Cheetah:

1.  Cool Healthy Menu…even when you’re munching on comfort food

OK – some maybe not be so healthy – my favorite starter is the Southern Raw Fries w/ Balsamic Vinegar.  These thinly shaved potato slices are somewhat fried (in a delicious way) and taste GREAT!  The Statler & Waldorf Salad is really good…Soups are homemade and delicious…Handcut sweet potato fries with rosemary seasoning (Yumm) with interesting dipping sauces.  Guy had the Ratatouille Dinner and found it healthy, interesting and good.  The desserts look fabulous (didn’t try) and the ultimate comfort food of “Milk and Cookies” bring a new meaning to the words.  These cookies are made from scratch and take 12 minutes to bake – so order them early in your meal and add organic milk to top it off.

2.  The Decor

What an eclectic scene inside the Electric Cheetah! There is a large bar for seating overlooking the entire kitchen – so, watch the cooks and be amazed.  Everything is open – plus loads of bright paintings on the walls – makes you feel like you are in Chicago or New York (huh? not GR?)

3.  The Staff

Everyone – from the busboys – to the wait staff – to the manager – were all super.  We had a bit of a wait when we arrived (6:30 on a Thursday night – glad to see they were busy!) so we sat at the bar and had the pleasure of meeting the manger, who got us a beer while we waited.

In addition to the Electric Cheetah – they also have a Soup Shop just down the street called Uncle Cheetah’s located at 1133 Weathy Street.  Guy just had to try it and yesterday he drove to Uncle Cheetah’s and got us some soup for lunch while I was on a Webinar – It was WONDERFUL!   I see from their menu they have a variety of “House” Grilled Sandwiches –  Oh Boy – Can’t Wait.

Let me know what you think when you try the Electric Cheetah!