ArtPrize 2011 – It’s Back in Full Force…Come Join the Fun!!!

ArtPrize-LogoI can’t believe this is the third year for ArtPrize.  I wrote a blog on ArtPrize last year which was very well received…so it’s time for the 2011 ArtPrize Blog and a big Hip Hip Hooray for all the folks putting this together for our great city of Grand Rapids.

First of all – Check out their website for all the activities, voting, tickets, and really…just anything you might want to know.  Make sure you make plans to get to “Town” and soak up all the fun, food, art and GR Pride you can.  Now – let me introduce you to three wonderful artists:

1.  Christy Vredevoogd (yes, she is related)

Last year I had a chance to re-connect with a long lost niece  (who I have not seen for over 25 years) – Christy Vredevoogd grew up in GR and now lives in Arizona.   She entered a fabulous piece in ArtPrize last year (loved those vivid colors) and is back this year at the Huntington Bank venue with what looks to be an amazing project…can’t wait to see the Cows and the Moon…Check it out and vote for Christy!

2.  Georgia Taylor – Client and Fellow Supporter of Baxter Community Center

Georgia is a special lady – who has participated in ArtPrize last year too – with an amazing painting on the wall of a retail shop on Division Ave.  The year before she also had a painting in the same spot.  The store has since closed and Georgia has moved on – this year collaborating with a group of young folks – Believe 2 Become – a mural at DeVos Place Convention Center –  I’m looking forward to taking a look and enjoying Georgia’s talent along with the crew who put this all together.  Good Luck Georgia…take a look and vote for Georgia!

3.  Robyn Bomhof

Not only is Robyn a great artist (take a look at her ArtPrize entry at “The Spot” at the Federal Square Building) but she is also President of the Grand Valley Artists and during ArtPrize is in charge of the art at the Huntington Bank Building – whew, I bet she’ll be tired before this year’s ArtPrize is over.  Robyn and her husband Jim are clients of mine and are fabulous folks to work for! 

Make sure you get into GR the next few weeks – take in all the art – meet the artists – eat well – smile a lot – ENJOY!…and let me know what some of your favorites are.