QR Codes + Clients = Love

Laurel QR Code2The era of the brochure box in front of a home has gone the way of the bag phone – it’s obsolete – and our clients love our new technology.  It’s drawing the cutting edge crowd!  Here are the top three reasons our clients love our new signs with QR Codes:

1.  It draws attention to their home. Not only do our signs glow in the dark – but they also contain QR Codes (Quick Response) for each property.  When a buyer pulls into the driveway, they can use their Smartphone to scan the Code and instantly have the price, floor plan and interior photos.  Our contact information is available so we can set up a showing immediately.

2.  It appeals to Gen X and Gen Y Buyers.  Cutting Edge Technology is the mantra of the Gen X and Gen Y Folks – but also the Baby Boomers who are forward thinking.  Many of the Gen X and Gen Y are first time home buyers – so any opportunity to get them interested is well worth the effort.

3.  Our Sellers Love The Look!   Direct quote today from a seller when we put the sign in front of her home “Cool Technology – We love it – Keep up the good work.”   Here’s a photo of a seller in front of the sign put up this weekend – it’s a big thumbs up for her too!