Breakfast Anyone?…Great Morning Eats in Grand Rapids

Breakfast PhotoI love breakfast…I admit it!  I can eat breakfast for any meal – and although it’s not always healthy (bacon and hash browns, anyone?), that has not kept me from indulging.

Over the years we’ve tried most of the “Breakfast Spots” in town – so, I want to give you a sense of my favorites and maybe some “Not So” favorites.  I’d love to hear your comments on the ones I have missed.

Here are Five of  my Favorites (in no particular order):

1.  Roses on Reeds Lake

Now – You can only get breakfast on the weekends – but Mmmmm – It’s spectacular!  My personal favorite is the French Toast – which is Huge and Delicious – and comes like an Island in the middle of a Maple Syrup Lake.  The coffee is great and the view overlooking Reeds Lake is beautiful all year round.  Rose’s is a Gilmore Restaurant located in the heart of East Grand Rapids on Reeds Lake

2.  Cherie Inn

A small intimate mid-town favorite located aptly on Cherry St. near Diamond.  This restaurant has been around a LONG time – 84 Years according to my stats (my late husband and I would go there for lunch while attending Calvin College in the mid-60’s).  The bathrooms and the West wall still have the mahogany remnants of the classic look.  I think they’ve taken my favorite breakfast off their menu – but I asked for it the last time I was there and – Viola – they fixed it for me.  The mushroom and cream cheese omelet is GREAT and I’m sure they’ll make it for you too.  They serve breakfast all day and are open only for breakfast and lunch.

3.  New Beginnings

I know – I know – It’s hardly gourmet and not very upscale – but, holy cow, the portion sizes are HUGE!, the service is quick and the food is good.  Since you get so much food, this is a favorite of Guy (my husband) and mine for a good quick stop after church before heading to Open Houses on Sunday afternoons.  We rationalize the huge portions by combining breakfast and lunch together so we won’t gain weight (reality is – we usually bring something home to have another day).  We usually share – he gets the waffle with strawberries (no whipped cream, healthy remember!) and I get the Columbian Au Naturel (Veggie) Omelet with potatoes.  You would think you were feeding a family of four when you see these plates.   We recommend the 28th Street location between I-96 and Cascade Road.

4.  Gathering Place

Even though it’s looking a bit worn, the Gathering Place on the corner of Cascade Road and Thornapple River Drive has been a favorite breakfast place for the “Cascade” crowd for a good long time.  The basic breakfast is great there – you can’t go wrong by starting your day with two eggs, bacon, hash browns and home make wheat toast!  Lunch tip – their pies are fabulous – but you can’t eat pie for breakfast (or can you??).

5.  Da Dawg House

This restaurant is a bit out of the way – yes; it’s in Cadillac – but worth the drive up.  Along M115 just past the State Park between Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac is this little gem.  Don’t let the name fool you – the restaurant is a very new log building – very clean and inviting.  The menu for breakfast is fantastic and my favorite is the special lemon filled pancakes.  Picture this – pancake on the bottom – special lemon cream sauce in the middle – pancake on top with lemon sauce drizzled over the whole thing – hmmmm – I’m having a cake attack right now.  It is so special it isn’t even on the main menu – it’s their specialty menu – You’ll have to ask for it!

Let me know what I’ve missed:  I know that Wolfgang’s in Eastown is well known as a great breakfast spot – but I haven’t been there so won’t comment.  I’ve seen lots of little cafes around town that look wonderful.  The Place on Plainfield (used to be Sweetlands) is wonderful and I could probably put it on my list.

Good Eating!