Sqiggles and Squares – What on Earth is a QR Code??

PPP1The future of home shopping has arrived!  Imagine driving up to a home for sale, pulling in the driveway and being able to determine the price and check out photos of the inside without leaving the comfort of your car!

The funny looking symbol to the right and those attached to our listing signs are QR Codes or Quick Response Codes.  And they do just that – provide a quick response to your inquiry about the home in one quick QR scan. Try scanning the QR Code with your smart phone and check out our listing.  Coincidently, it’s for sale and is a great horse farm!

Just as bar codes replaced key punching in the grocery store check out, QR Codes will speed the process of looking at real estate.  All you have to do is download a QR Code scanner to your smart phone and you are ready to do some serious house hunting!

Naturally, REALTORS play a big part in this.  We provide the photos, prices and home details the QR Code interprets.  And our phone numbers and email addresses are listed so we will be able to provide professional advice on your home hunting decision.