Giggles and Grins…It’s time to laugh in Grand Rapids!

Laughfest LogoWhat could make a better Mid-March break than over-the-top comedy?  Grand Rapids is entering its first (annual I bet) Laughfest from March 10-20 – and I encourage you to attend.  Here are three events I’ve put on my calendar – they look like a blast:

1.  Pet-Look-A-Like Contest – Saturday, March 12 at Rosa Parks Circle   9am – noon – FREE

I can’t wait to see the jowly guy with his bulldog – and the frizzy haired granny with her poodle – I’m deciding how I should look with my Airedale – Klu – or maybe I’ll send my husband and see if he’s a match.  Grand Rapid’s own Jimmy Le is presiding over this event and it should be a hoot (anybody with a pet owl?)

2.  Laughter Yoga – March 14-19  10 am at Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, 1806 Bridge NW – FREE

“Bend and Stretch, reach for the stars – there goes Jupiter – there goes Mars”

Yoga and Laughter, who knew health and exercise could be so much fun?  Come on over and join Sue Ansari for a session of Laughter Yoga.  I usually think of any sort of exercise as painful and not much fun, so I’m really looking forward to stretching and posing and laughing at the same time – no cameras allowed as both men and women take to the floor and crack up on the Yoga mats.

3.  It’s a Tie for #3 – What do you think?   Bra Auction? Or Headliners Betty White and Bill Cosby?

I really couldn’t decide on this – The Bra Auction is March 14 at Crush @ the Bob 6pm and is $32.50.  My understanding is we have the opportunity to bid on unique artist designed bras at a silent auction.  Of course, Gilda’s Club is the recipient of all bids – so it’s for a great cause!  I think I’ll have to go just to see some of these artsy bras!

…and then there are the Headliners:

Betty White is Tuesday, March 15 from 5:30 – 8:05 at DeVos Place (I guess she’s on early because either the crowds to see her have to get home and get to bed on time – or she does).

Bill Cosby is on Sunday, March 13 from 4:30 – 7:30 in DeVos Performance Hall  (oh man, even earlier – I wonder what the difference in Betty and Bill’s ages are?? Anyone want to guess?)

Both the Betty White and Bill Cosby Programs (and all other talented comedians) have tickets that can be purchased at “LaughFest”).

Thank You – Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids – for putting this LaughFest together – What a worthy cause to donate to…and have some fun along the way!

Those are my 3 or 3.5 things that I want to see at LaughFest – What events are your favorites and what ones are you going to attend?