Three “Hotspots” that sell Homes

Door EntryI have been getting a lot of questions recently from sellers or possible home sellers about how to get their home ready to sell.  My advice is to concentrate on the Three “Hotspots” that most buyers concentrate on:

#1 Entry and the walk in

You’ve all heard that you have 30 seconds to make a first impression – well, so does your home.  The walk to the front door – the first steps into the home set the tone for the rest of the tour.  That means even though you don’t use your front door – get out the broom (or shovel if it’s winter) clean and de-clutter your walk up and entry way, paint or clean your front door and make sure your entryway is light and airy and puts a good foot forward for what the buyer is going to see next.

#2 Kitchen

This is the room the buyers will be spending the most time in – and even if they are not gourmet cooks – they will want an updated kitchen.  For some this means replacing countertops and cupboards – but for most it can be as simple as painting the cupboards, putting on new hardware and giving it a good cleaning.

#3 Master Bathroom (or Main Bath if only one)

Clean! Clean! Clean! – This room needs to have all clutter put away and be spic and span – Paint if needed and update with some inexpensive hardware and lighting.  Pop for some new towels and new shower curtain to make everything look “put together.”

Many of my clients ask me to stop by their homes as much as a year before they put them on the market to walk through and give them advise on what they should do to get it ready for sale.  This is a great idea – then you can be ready to sell when the market is ready!  Also, if you are thinking ahead and know you need to do some upgrading before you sell – do it sooner rather than later – then you can enjoy the upgrades before you sell.

Let me know some of the things you did to get your home ready to sell – I’ll share them in my blog.