SURPRISE!…there really is a “Spring Market”

spring flowersI’ve blogged before about how homes sell pretty much all year round – and that there is not necessarily a Spring Market anymore (see the previous blog).

For today I’ve changed my mind.  We are in the midst of the first thaw of the season.  The birdies are singing away – the snow is melting and we can even see a little grass peeking out in a few places.  This is the first day since January that I’ve gone outside without my boots on and I didn’t zip up my coat when I went out for lunch (don’t tell my Mom).

So far this week we are working with offers on 4 properties.  We already have 2 of them accepted, a counter offer out on one and are waiting for the others to come back to us.  We have not seen this much activity in one week since the snows began our winter weather.

I think the very smell of a “spring like” day, the feel of the sun coming through the windows and actually seeing it melt the snow – all affect us in ways we don’t even realize.  It makes us feel like getting out and breaking away from what we’ve been doing to take on a new adventure.  For many that new adventure is buying or selling their house – or “Making a Move”.

We like this!  If you’ve had Cabin Fever this winter -make sure you contact us for great information on financing (here’s a mortgage calculator), home selection and some great values in the marketplace!