Selling your home in the Winter – Three Easy Tips

Winter Close upAh, the crisp gorgeous snow is falling and you need or want to sell your home.  Don’t be discouraged because of the cold, the snow covering your beautiful garden, or a driveway full of snow.  Here are three easy tips to help you get ready:

1.  Summer Photos.

Find some summer photos of your yard to leave on the dining room table or countertops.  Hopefully you have photos of your gardens, trees with leaves, green grass and pool open with water in it (if this applies to you).  These photos can even include your family members enjoying the summer weather showing off that great yard.

2.  Keep your snow maintenance up.

Make sure you have a plow service hired to keep your driveway, sidewalks and front entry completely clear of snow and ice.  If you can’t find a plow service that will take care of your front porch and steps – buy a shovel and some salt to keep it clear yourself.  You want any buyer to drive up and not have any concerns about getting into the driveway and a pleasant walk up the sidewalk and into your home.  This first look must be positive to encourage an offer.

3.  Keep it warm inside.

Have a fire burning in the fireplace (if you have one) – keep the heat turned up (there’s nothing more chilling to a sale than an home that “feels” cold to the buyer.)   This is a great time of the year to make a house a “home” – something cozy and warm that makes the buyer feel like buying it.  Light some candles, microwave some cinnamon sticks and water for the smell of Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls baking – so that even if the snow if flying your home calls out to the buyers in a warm way.

Many homes today are vacant and winterized – it’s tough to warm these up to a buyer.  If you do own a home that is vacant – you need to make a conscious decision to keep the heat on and keep it warm for a buyer or to winterize it to minimize any possible pipes freezing.  This is a whole other discussion!    Let me know what you think makes the most sense for a seller to do.