Cautious Optimism

PatsplacePinkCroppedAs a Realtor who has been in “the real estate business” going on 40 years – I really do think I’ve seen it all.

I’ve survived:

–  18 – 20% interest rates  (hint:  we did a lot of “seller financing”)

–  3 “recessions”  (we still kept the real estate market rolling with new families needing homes, retirees downsizing and families needing a larger home for their new additions – plus lots of relocating jobs both in and out)

–  Various Environmental Scares:  Asbestos, Toxic Insulation, Radon, Lead Based Paint, nitrates  (each has their specific solutions which we have had to work through in the marketplace – clear heads always prevail).

Now our marketplace is faced with moving forward and beyond the era of foreclosures and short sales – even though we must work with those at a reduced number over the next few years to ever get back to a “normal” marketplace.    Each hurdle I’ve overcome in the marketplace (see above) gave me new insights into overcoming barriers to sales – be it in the marketplace, the home itself, the financing – really learning what it takes to help buyers get their dream home and the sellers to sell their homes.

I’m looking forward to a very positive 2011 – a new normal that keeps the needs of the buyers and sellers in the forefront of any transaction!  Let us know what you see as challenges in this real estate marketplace for 2011 and keep us in mind for any moves you might be making.