Unbelievable! New Helen De Vos Children's Hospital in GR – Opens Today 1-11-11

Helen DeVos LobbyHelen DeVos HospitalI had the pleasure of touring the brand spanking new Helen De Vos Children’s Hospital here in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago.  I was totally blown away from the moment I parked my car to the last second when I crossed the bridge leaving the hospital.

I think I said “WOW” more times in one afternoon than I had said since my first child was born (a mere 37 years ago right there at Butterworth Hospital – sorry Leah – I gave away your age).

We started up on the 10th floor and worked our way down – we missed the 11th floor with the chapel and family rooms available for parents to stay when a child is in critical care – but understand that the chapel looks up to the sky – apparently a wish from Mr. DeVos.   If you want to take a look on a floor-by-floor basis check this out.

The hospital will open on 1-11-2011 and is totally state of the art medical treatment for children.  We are hearing that there is not another Children’s Hospital like this one anywhere.  During our tour we were struck by all the new computers, chairs, desks, really – new everything  -and were told that not one thing from the old hospital is going to be moved here except patient records. We even tried out some of the cushy lounge chairs and staff chairs – and pronounced them all exceptional (and most of them made in Grand Rapids too).

This is great for Grand Rapids in a number of ways:

1.  Bringing in new Doctors and Support Staff to the Grand Rapids area:

We are busy working with new hires that are really excited about coming to the Grand Rapids area.  This is wonderful for our real estate marketplace and the general well being of our City – and we love it!

2.  Quality Medical Care for our Community

Many Quality of Life issues are rolled into decisions that folks make when choosing a City to live in.  The job market is one of them – but the medical community and the quality of that medical community are high on the list.  The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital will generate a lot of positive vibes for our City plus will give our citizens access to state of the art treatments that they would ordinarily have to travel great distances to get.

It looks like the tours are over – but the lobby is always open for you to wander around.  It’s hard to choose my favorite part of the lobby – it’s maybe the stage where little ones can be the star, or maybe the wall of water with lots of color, or how about the wall of pool balls that you (and kids) can bat around with just the shadows of hands??  I don’t know which – and there is a lot more to choose from.  The gift shop is certainly kid-centric (nice place to do some holiday or birthday shopping too) and the food court with over 100 flavors of ice cream and healthy pizza might make this a destination in itself.

My hope is that you never have to have a loved one here – but to know it is available and right in our own hometown – is pretty amazing!  Let me know what you think the coolest part of this hospital is and I’ll post your results.