ArtPrize! ArtPrize! Whoo Hoo – It's here in Grand Rapids!

Unbelievable – that’s the word for it.  Thousands of people (yes, ArtPrize Logoordinary folks just like you and me) are streaming into Grand Rapids for the next few weeks to view art – I said ART!

ArtPrize was founded last year here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  No one knew it was going to be so exciting, fun and yes…Unbelievable.  You – as an observer of art in all forms through life – become an Art Judge – voting for your favorite art or artist – and You can affect the outcome of the ArtPrize.

Artprize runs from September 22 – October 10.  The venues (tons of downtown buildings, condos, lofts, public spaces, museums) are open (at a minimum) M-Th 5-8, Fri & Sat 12 – 10pm, Sun noon – 6pm.  Many are open longer so check with the venues to see if they have extra special hours.

I will be showcasing some special people that I know at and around ArtPrize over the next few weeks and hope that everyone reading this will take the opportunity to join in the fun and attend ArtPrize…you will end up being the winner.  Let me know what art you like the best…where the best food is…and I’ll keep you all updated on ArtPrize as we move through the weeks.   ENJOY!!!