Celebration of the Grand – Come Celebrate Grand Rapids!

Celebration on the GrandMy Favorite Things to Do at Celebration on the Grand:

1.  Fireworks

Absolutely top on the list is the Fireworks Display over the Grand River in Downtown Grand Rapids on Friday, September 10 at 9:30pm .  Often set to music – this display can be seen from every corner of the City – but a few secret places to watch it are:

– sitting on a log on the bank of the  Grand River just below the Gerald Ford Museum

–  sitting  at the corner of Michigan and Monroe in your lawn chair (not so many crowds)

–  the maternity ward of Butterworth Hospital (the noise will certainly help with the contractions).

2.  The Music

This year’s lineup is spectacular:

Thursday at Rosa Parks Circle – Headliner: Chris Young at 9:15 (but loads of entertainment all evening)

Friday at Rosa Parks Circle – Headliner:   Jimmy Stagger right after fireworks – but loads of enterainment beforehand.

Friday at Ah-Nab-Awen Park:  5pm starts the fun with Trilogy – then wonderful entertainment culminating at 9:30 with the Fireworks.

Saturday –   Mark Farner – formerly from Grand Funk Railroad – Headliner at Rosa Parks Circle

3.  The Food

Oh Mmmmmm –  Loads of some of the top restaurants have their tastes for stolling and tasting!  Go on down and enjoy.

Get Going to Downtown Grand Rapids and help Celebrate “Celebration on the Grand”