Do you leave yourself “Open” to theft when you have an Open House??

Pat-Web-Photo4-150x150Sellers Be Attentive!  There are loads of really good things about Open Houses – like they might get your house sold – or the neighbor down the street, who has a brother moving to town, might stop by to see it and refer it to her brother.

It is a perfect time to finally get your home organized and it’s a forced way of washing those windows you have been putting off for months.  Some buyers feel much less obligated if they can find a nice neutral time to view a home – so an Open House is a perfect time for them to slip through.

But before you have an Open House, make sure you have an open discussion with your agent about the things that will keep you and your home out of trouble.  Over the past years, we have had really very little theft from Open Houses – which is a good thing.  However, there is no sense in tempting fate – so put away your valuables, jewelry and any small items that could be stuck in someone’s pocket – better safe than sorry.

The other thing most folks don’t think about  – and something that is becoming more and more prevalent – is the theft of prescription drugs.  The most innocent looking people are doing it.  I heard of a little gray-haired lady who asked to use the bathroom and was stealing drugs from the medicine cabinet!  Again, don’t tempt fate.  Put away all your prescription drugs before an open house.

It actually is pretty rare anything goes missing from an open house – so the odds are pretty good to continue to have Open Houses – just be smart about getting ready for it.