3 Cool Things to do on the "Dog Days" of Summer

Pat Claire FairI don’t really know how the “Dog Days of Summer” came into use in the English Language – but they are defined by a number of sources as the hottest days of summer between the end of July and the start of September – so RIGHT NOW – we are experiencing those Dog Days.  Some say they were named after some star constellations and others after very hot animals (specifically dogs) who couldn’t tolerate the heat very well – but wherever they came from – we all know they are  HOT!…and when you’re hot, you’re hot, so here are 3 cool things to do during the Dog Days.

1.  Go to your local County Fair

I know – you are thinking – how could that be cool??  While walking around looking at the “cool” animals (namely pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, goats (my personal favorite), you can be sipping a “cool” cup of homemade lemonade with a half of lemon still inside…mosey on over to the Midway and take a “cool breeze” ride on the tilt-a-whirl or sip a blueberry snow cone atop the ferris wheel!  Cool off at night in the grandstands and watch your favorite country singer or a demolition derby while cooling off with ice cream drumsticks.  Check this list for all the County Fairs in Michigan in 2010

2.  Go look at some houses

OK – you should only do this if you want to get some “cool” deals on a home and “cool” low interest rates – the Dog Days of 2010 are going to be known for their great values.  Traditionally, the real estate market slows down a little bit during the Dog Days – and this year is no exception.  Our listings are getting fewer showings and the phones are not ringing as earlier in the year.  Many folks are on vacation or just plain too hot to be motivated to look for a home.  Check with us and we’re happy to get you in on some great values.

3.  Go Jump in the Lake

Wow – this where Michigan, and especially West Michigan, really shines!  Did you know Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes – this  is in addition to our four Great Lakes!  That’s a lot of lakes to jump into.  Many of these lakes have public access where you can launch your speed boat, waverunner or canoe, and cool off from the heat of summer.

There are cottages galore on these lakes – some for rent – some owned by families for many generations – and even some to buy!  Did you know  there are more cottages for sale this year than in the past 10 years combined – and the prices are really affordable – so these Dog Days are good waterfront buying times also.  Here’s a short list of the cottages for sale just in the Grand Rapids area