Don't Miss This! Festival 2010 – is June 4,5,6 – Be There

It’s almost here …  Festival of the Arts 2010 … Festival 3we’re counting down the days!

Not to give away my age – but I was there (yes, a mere 40+ years ago) for the very first Festival of the Arts in downtown Grand Rapids.  My husband, Bruce, was an art major at Calvin College and he and his classmates were volunteered into helping set up the art exhibits.  Little did we realize when hanging up art with clothes pins and then picking up posters after a big wind and rain hit, it was the start of something so big!   Did you know Alexander Calder designed the Logo and donated it to Festival??

My Top 3 Favorite Things to Do at Festival

1.  EAT

Ok, that’s probably everyone’s top thing to do when they come downtown for Festival.  My mouth is already watering for the goodies from all over the world.  Booths are set up all over touting the very best from countries, regions and Americana – prepare to stand in line – and eat on the run while you head to the next food booth.  No fair bringing wet naps – by the end of festival you should have some bar-b-q sauce on your shorts and strawberry stains on your T-shirt.

2.  People Watching

I know – there is art, music, street dancers, ballet, food – but the entertainment is still with the folks who come to Festival.  Grab a seat on the curb or a park bench – sip a lemonade – and watch the fun.

Toddlers mezmorized by the rock music…Teens in their outlandish outfits trying to outdo each other with wild hair (I know, I know – I’m sure “old folks” said the same about me  when I was a Teen)… Elderly Folks shuffling with their canes with big smiles on their faces eating cotton candy – You’ll see it all.

3. Bethel Penecostal Choir – The Grand Finale of the Festival – 6:30pm Sunday

WOW! is all I can say –  Go to Center Stage on Sunday for the grand finale of Festival 2010

Guarantee you’ll have goose bumps  on your arms and chills will go down your spine as you listen to the Bethel Pentecostal Choir give a concert to beat them all.

The voices are clear and bright – the Calder sits behind the stage as a perfect backdrop to a phenominal concert.  You do not want to miss it!  I can’t remember a concert over the years where tears were not running down my cheeks with the pride and spirit of America welling up inside me.

Make sure you get to Festival – It’s your City and your Festival – Make it a good one!  Let me know what part of Festival is your favorite.