Don’t be Homeless – Sell First – Buy Next.. It works!

When a seller needs to sell their home before they can buy – which is most of the time – they are usually a little bit nervous.  I assure them if they can’t find a house; they can move into our lower level until they do (that was before we got a dog – now they probably wouldn’t take us up on it).

Over the 40 years I have been selling real estate in GR, I have never had anyone even come close to moving in – but here are some hints to keep you from going crazy in the selling process.

1.  Check out what is on the market first – but don’t fall in love yet

This is the time we research the marketplace – see what meets your wants and needs as you morph into becoming a buyer.  Go see a few homes and make sure there are some which would be a good match for you.  We keep this profile of homes and continue to send new listings to  you – but don’t really want you to fall in love with a particular home yet.

Falling in love (in more than just real estate) can cause irrational behavior.  You might be tempted to take less for your home than it’s worth because you have fallen in love with another home.

Once you know there are great homes available  – we put your home on the market.

2.  Price Your Home Right to Encourage Offers

This advice applies to anyone thinking of selling – so I will say this over and over – listen to your Realtor and price it correctly for the marketplace.  Don’t even think of pricing your home based on anything other than today’s market – because you won’t be moving on to the home of your dreams.

3.  Sell First

Unless you are independently wealthy and can afford double house payments…or don’t mind a few sleepless nights –  you should always sell first and buy after you have a firm offer on your own home.   A buyer who has sold their home and is “ready to buy” is like gold to current sellers.  An offer “contingent on the sale of your home”  won’t bring  the same price as an offer free of that obligation.  I’ll be talking more about “contingent on the sale of..” offers in a future post so stay tuned.

So don’t be afraid of selling your home first, finding your dream home after the sale and buying your new home for the best price  – just work  with a professional Realtor who can advise you along the way.  We do this everyday and if we can be of any assistance in providing you with a good idea about the pricing of your home, timing on the marketplace and what you might find for your next move – make sure you contact us.