Top 3 Things I like about Mother's Day

ILoveMomOk – It’s Mother’s Day!   It comes once a year – so, at least once a year you need to stay in touch with your Mother.   Now, she might not be with you anymore – so, a silent prayer of thanks for her will make your heart feel good; or she might be far away, and a phone call, email, card or flowers will make her feel great; or she might be in your own back yard – and a heartfelt thanks is perfect!

Why I like Mother’s Day:

1.  Togetherness

It brings us all together in unison as a family for one reason only – to honor our Mother.  The history of Mother’s Day is pretty interesting and really shows what the mothers before us went through in life.  My Mother is certainly my hero.  She is 89 years old – grew up in a poor small town during the depression (White Cloud, Michigan) and those years shaped her life and eventually mine.  Ginny Thomasma – Hurrah!

2.  Focus

In this crazy fast-paced world it’s refreshing to focus on our family for at least one day out of the year.  Mothers are the heart of most families and are usually the driving force for the direction in which those familes go.  Each day we should be thankful for someone who loves us for who we are – encourages us through thick and thin – laughs at our jokes, however lame they might be – and puts a smile on our faces.

3.  Fun, Crazy and Unique Gifts

I do think the teachers in pre-school and elementary stay up to the wee hours (perhaps drinking heavily) figuring out what they can do “this year” as a unique gift for their kids to make for their Mothers.  Over the years I’ve received – stories, plants (beleagured sprouts in a paper cup), paintings, clay objects (don’t quite know what they are??) – but all done with love and excitement.  …and I still have them!  Don’t forget the Wacky Gifts that some Dads help the kids pick out – I’ve gotten my share and most often appreciate the smiles and cheers that go with them.

…and there  is breakfast in bed made by the kids…Priceless.    I think I still have jam stains and toast crumbs after many years.

My favorite “Mother’s Day” Story is about my daughter – Jesi ( now a mother herself) – and in grade school every year the 2nd grade put on a “Mother’s Day Tea” and the 2nd graders all sang a wonderful song about mothers.   I got a call from the music teacher a few days before the tea letting me know that they had to change the song for the tea due to Jesi.   The original song was all about “Mothers baking cookies” and while learning the song Jesi raised her hand and said “My mom doesn’t bake cookies – my dad does – so why are we singing this song?”

She was right – during those days I was holding open houses pretty regularly on Sunday afternoons and their dad loved chocolate chip cookies (he especially liked eating the dough) and their Sunday afternoon adventures were almost always made up of trying out various chocolate chip cookie receipes.

The tea went on as planned and not a mention of Mom’s baking cookes was heard!

Let me know some of your favorite Mother’s Day stories – and Happy Mother’s Day!