Rose's Restaurant – Grand Rapids Waterfront Dining

Rose's Sign2

What a great way to spend a spring evening – overlooking Reeds Lake in the middle of East Grand Rapids.    Birds singing, water lapping on the shore, ducks swimming quietly, a full moon coming up over the lake…what could be more charming than an anniversary dinner (yes, Guy and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary) at Rose’s in East Grand Rapids? Take a look.

As a kid growing up in Grand Rapids, I came here when it was Ramona Park – a fabulous amusement park  located in the heart of what is now East Grand Rapids.  I still remember my dad taking me to ride the roller coaster (old wooden rickety one) one last time before they tore the park down.

While in college, one of our favorite hang-outs was Rose’s Hot Dog stand – right in the same building that now has this sophisticated restaurant.  We would come over from Calvin College at noon, walk around the park in East Grand Rapids and then have a hot dog and some carmel corn (home made) at Rose’s.   There were picnic table on the back porch of the restaurant – right where the deck is now.

What is really cool is carmel corn still plays a major part in this place –  above the fireplace in the main dining room is the  brass carmel corn kettle  used in the original Rose’s.   When your bill comes, there are two little cups of carmel corn – to sweeten you up, I’m sure – homemade at Roses.

For me – it’s nostalgia.  For you – come take a look at the pictures of the old Ramona Park on the walls – taste the great food (we split the walleye and it was Fantastic) and get into the spirit.  Rose’s is the place to be on a warm spring evening!