5 Things you can do to sell your home in 30 days

Family Sold HomeHard to believe but there are 5 things you can do to get a quick sale now that the tax credits have expired: 

1.  Price it Right

Yes – Price is king today.   There is still a lot of inventory on the market that is your competition.  There are still repossessed homes and short sales hitting the market on a regular basis.  You NEED to pay attention to Price!

2.  Clean it Up:  and still price it right

Buyers often judge your house on it’s cleanliness – not becuse they will keep it that clean – but the question always comes up “If the owners keep the things we can see in a messy state – what about routine maintenance and the things we can’t see?

I have seen buyers walk away from houses that are a mess – even if it is a perfect house for them – mainly because they couldn’t see past the clutter.

3.  Trim up the yard – and make sure it’s priced right.

The first impression of any home is the walk to the front door – if you haven’t kept up on landscaping – grass is uncut – trimming not done – shrubs overgrown  – you’ve lost that competitive edge of a great first impression.  This is probably the most overlooked and the least expensive move someone can make in the sale of their home – but, don’t forget to price it right.

4.  Light’s On for a showing – oh, and the PRICE!

Everyone is looking for that light, bright home that sparkles.  Whenever you have a showing – day or night – make sure you turn on all the lights (and if you’ll be right back leave a note for the Realtor showing the property that they don’t need to turn them back off).  If we can show a home without searching for all the light switches and lamp knobs – we can concentrate of selling your home.

5.  Price Again – New Mantra in the Real Estate Industry  “Price – Location – Price”

Make sure you and your Realtor have done all the homework to see where you fit in the marketplace and price your house accordingly.  I know – but your house is “bigger than” “prettier than” “better than” all of the other houses in the market – but open up your minds to what your Realtor is telling you about the market – they are the professionals!

 We do extensive research on prices and make recommendations for all our clients on price in the marketplace.  If we can answer any questions for you as you decide if you want to sell or not – give us a call.

I’m also really interested in what you think ist he most important step in getting your house ready to sell – so comment back to me and we’ll compile a list of your suggestions!