March Madness

March Madness

March Madness

What on earth does tournament time in basketball and  the “Spring Market” in real estate have in common?  Here are 4 ways they go hand-in-hand:

1.  Excitement

March madness in basketball has teams in a frenzy and fans going crazy.  March madness in real estate has buyers coming out of the woodwork (like spring fever) excited to buy – this year excited to get a buyers tax credit – with their fans (family mostly) going crazy too.

2.  Winners and Losers

The basketball tournaments obviously have a bunch of winners to even get to the finals, but there is only one winner of the entire tournament. This leaves a whole tournament full of losers but one.  In a spring market that is busy – there ends up only one winner in any multiple offer situation.  The others who took the time and energy to submit offers are losers until they get the right house, price and terms – then they become winners too.

3.  The Coach Makes a Difference

See a good Basketball Team – See a good coach.  Same in real estate.  Successful transactions for buyers and sellers are dependent on a good coach (Realtor) to advise, keep on task, help with planning, focus and knowldge of the market.  See a good real estate transaction with happy buyers and sellers – see a good Realtor!

4. A little luck doesn’t hurt but hard work, sweat and talent make the difference in a win or lose

In basketball tournament play – good luck comes to those teams that plan ahead, work hard, practice and stay focused.  As a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction – the good luck of a sale is the culmination of a lot of knowledge, planning and focused time getting the job done.