It's A Circus Out Here In Grand Rapids – Seriously!

Circus Clown
The Circus Is Coming To A Town Near You

Some of my fondest memories are probably somewhat shaded by time but are very special about the Shrine Circus.  As a native of Grand Rapids, I remember going to the circus in the Civic Auditorium (now only  the Art Deco Main Entrance is left in tact) which is now the DeVos Convention Center.

In troubled times with the unemployment rate higher than a tightrope and with the financial sector looking a lot like a three ring circus itself – it’s time to relax and spend a little time with family and friends at the circus.  It’s coming to Grand Rapids on March 11, 12 adn 13 at the Delta Plex in North West Grand Rapids.  Check out ticket purchases by clicking here.

It is not very often that kids can see live performances instead of video and audio recordings that take so much of the personality out of entertainment.  It is also a stretch to think you can see a dancing elephant or a tiger walking on it’s hind legs or a trapeze artist soaring from hand to hand high above the ground in everyday Grand Rapids.

It’s live – It’s fun – It’s educational – It’s a diversion from real life right now.

I can still remember going to the circus with my Aunt and Uncle and watching the beautiful trapeze artists dressed in shimmery pink butterfuly outfits actually flying from trapeze to trapeze – seemly without  a care in the world.  We were seated in the top rows of the Civic Auditorium and these lithe athletes were at eye level – with the music and the lighting – it took me away from reality to a place of make-believe.

Every once in a while we need to take a step back and re-energize.  It is said that “Laughter is the best medicine” so heading where there are a bunch of clowns (other than at your family reunion) can only put a positive  spin on your attitude.

If you have been to the circus, let us know what you thought about it.  What was your favorite part?  We would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.